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Arriving a mere 160 years too late for the gold rush, Stuart Thomas is the most recent Cornish immigrant to California's gold country. As an E3 veteran, this gaming journalist is now closer than ever before to the games media epicentre. Covering the latest PC titles, coupled with a long industry track record and harnessing his prolific powers for good, Stuart's reviews will help you choose where to put your gaming money every time
Stuart Thomas - Journalist
You know that friend of yours who thinks the Michael Bay Transformers movies are a work of art? Shaheryar is that guy. Proudly boasting the worst taste in video games, Shaheryar is a contrarian by nature who will gladly argue up is down and left is right, but who are we to say his love of Clash of Clans is wrong?
Shaheryar Ehsan-i-Haque - Tech & Mobile Expert
Award-winning author and journalist living in London. Often described as The Debonair Gentleman. Chris loves gaming and hardware soiree's and routinely finds himself deep within the PR inner circles during press events. If, like so many others, you find yourself drawn towards this devilishly charming cad then check out his books on Amazon - Crack, Kitty, Bat Boy and Dead Dogs!
Chris Barraclough - Game & App Reviewer
Taher heads the Indian arm of Game Debate. An early adopter of GD, he understands the goals and ambitions of the site and contributes to getting it closer, everyday. Also a writer, he enjoys delivering news of the gaming world to the wonderful members. An ardent fan of RPG and Action-Adventure games, he will give a short to any genre just for the love of it. Taher also shares a passion for Tennis with Felix.
Taher M Siamwala - Gaming News
Every day is gaming news day. This man is king of editorial, with a specialty side order in beat-em-up classics. He aint any good at em but by crikey he will throw himself in front of a fist faster than you can say KaPow-Slap-Klonk-Smash
Neil Soutter - News Editor
Ruben has spent many an hour playing strategy and RPG's. When he isn't conquering Europe or questing the vast lands of Tamriel, he is ever searching for a unique and ingenious game to keep him occupied, until that next offering by Creative Assembly or Bethesda marches across his desktop. This is an adventure he shares here, with anyone who will join him.
Ruben Strubbe - Games Journalist
Tech expert and Windows-sceptic, Tomas is never one to be blind-sided by the latest and supposed greatest. If you want deep dives on tech and software, from Windows 10 to GeForce and Radeon, he's your man.
Tomas Bydzovsky - Tech & Software Expert