Acer G247HYUsmidp 24inch

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Acer G247HYUsmidp 24inch Review
Acer chooses the G247HYUbmidp/G247HYUsmidp (as the black, respectively silver version is called in full) for a simple framing of the panel and a ditto stand. The 23,8 inch AHVA-panel has only at the bottom side a somewhat broader edge; on the other sides the screen seems to stretch on to the edge. This is of course not the case, approximately half a centimeter is inactive.

Acer G247HYUbmidp

The looks of the G247HYU are pretty agreeable, but not spectacularly striking. In recent years we have seen a lot of monitors like that. The AHVA-panel is mounted in a stable way, but can only tilt. There are no other adjustment possibilities. The monitor lacks a VESA-mount, unfortunately.

Acer G247HYUbmidp

The back side of the G247HYU is also very functional: HDMI 1.4, dual-link DVI-D, DisplayPort, and audio in- and outputs. Furthermore there are built-in speakers. One operates the on-screen menu by way of a few buttons on the bezel. Standard features are there, there isn't much more to say about that. The possibilities to adjust color settings are pretty extensive. As often seen, Acer doesn't offer the possibility to turn overdrive on or off.

Acer G247HYUbmidp

Out of the box, the G247HYU's default color settings aren't bad. It's definitely not calibrated, but our test results (dots) at least come somewhat close to desired values (squares). Blue differs the most, the white point is fine. The average color deviation exceeds expectations with 3,4 mΔuv.

Acer G247HYUbmidp

The gamma measurements are pretty neat, the channels are close to each other and follow the ideal line perfectly. The average gamma of 2,19 is outstanding. Following from that, the gray reproduction is perfectly neutral, with an average DeltaE score of 0,9 mΔuv. That's very good.

The Acer G247HYU is priced modestly. Of course it is a relatively plain monitor, but when you can accept that, you won't pay too much for quality. On average, the monitor costs just over 209,99 pounds/300 euros, the lowest price just dipping under that. A good Full HD screen on this size will cost at least 140 pounds/200 euros, so paying 50% more for 70% more pixels is justified.

Acer G247HYUsmidp 24inch Technical Specifications

Monitor Dimensions
Panel Type LCD IPS
Size 23.8 inch Monitor
Screen Resolution 2560 x 1440
Hertz 60Hz refesh rate
Weight 3.6g
Width 546mm
Height 409mm
Depth 186mm
Response 6ms
Brightness 350cd/m²
Contrast 1000
Viewing Angles 178° hor / 178° ver
Power 27 Watts
Colors 16.7million
USB Hub None
Monitor Features
Speakers Yes
DVI DVI-D connector
Displayport Yes
D-Sub -
Audio InOut -
Energy Save Yes
Tilt Stand Yes
Wall Mount -
Optical Out -
Component -
Headphone -
CI Slot -
Widescreen -
3D Display -
LED Backlighting Yes
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