Logitech MX510

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
Logitech MX510 Review
The ideal mouse for gamers and power users, the MX510 mouse captures 5.8 megapixels of surface detail per second, delivers an improved 12-bit data path, and supports an acceleration of up to 15 g. The result is Logitech's fastest, smoothest, most accurate and most responsive mouse to date.

"PC power users, whether involved in gaming, graphics or traditional applications, continue to demand the best," said Ashish Arora, Logitech's director of product marketing, Retail Pointing Devices. "The MX510 mouse's combination of speed, accuracy and responsiveness packs a powerful punch never before achieved. Logitech MX family continues to raise the bar for future high-performance mice."

The MX510 mouse has a striking new look. With the same shape and design as its siblings in the MX family, the MX510 is coated with a reflective, holographic finish that is unique among computer peripherals. In fact, each MX510 has a finish that is completely unique - no two mice are identical. The MX510 mouse will initially be available in red in the U.S. and blue in Europe.

Logitech MX510 Technical Specifications

Mouse Dimensions
Length 0mm
Width 0mm
Height 0mm
Weight 0g
Connection Wired
Handed Right Handed
Mouse Features
Buttons 0
Macros -
DPI 800
Lighting -
Response 0Hz ultrapolling
Avg. User Score

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