MadCatz R.A.T. TE

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
MadCatz R.A.T. TE Review
Nimble, customizable, and immensely precise, Mad Catz' Tournament Edition R.A.T. Gaming Mouse provides the speedy mouse movement competitive gamers require. Adjustable lift-off height enables the 8200 DPI sensor to be set to a level which sidesteps z-axis tracking issues. Precision Aim mode permits on-the-fly cursor sensitivity adjustment to steady your aim. And, a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop software interface can equip each of the nine programmable buttons with custom macros. Designed by and for hardcore PC gamers, the Tournament Edition R.A.T. Gaming Mouse is a fierce weapon that puts a full arsenal of cutting-edge features at your fingertips.

MadCatz R.A.T. TE Technical Specifications

Mouse Dimensions
Length 0mm
Width 0mm
Height 0mm
Weight 90g
Connection Wired
Handed Right Handed
Mouse Features
Buttons 8
Macros Yes, programmable buttons
DPI 8200
Lighting Back lighting
Response 1000Hz ultrapolling
Avg. User Score

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21:54 Jul-09-2016

It's a good mouse. Best one I've had to date. My only concern is that sometimes, although it is rare occurrence, the DPI sensor drops for a few moments and you can no longer move your cursor. Other than that it is a great mouse!