Logitech G700

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Logitech G700 Review
13 programmable controls. A natural shape that fits your hand. Full-speed wireless for freedom without performance compromises. No matter what your game, you'll have the control you need to get deep into it.

-13 programmable controls with macro capability Perform either single actions or intricate macros with multiple keystrokes, mouse events, user-defined delays and repeating.

-Individually sculpted buttons Every button on the G700 is carefully designed and placed to be easily identifiable by touch, so they’re right there when you need them but out of your way when you don’t.

-Ideal for MMORPGs

-Natural curves that fit your hand

-Full-speed wireless
1,000 reports per second give you gaming-grade responsiveness and wireless freedom. You get a steady, powerful connection with no dropouts.

-Smooth gliding feet
You can forget sticky workarounds—the low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet glide effortlessly across almost any surface.

You’ll always have the power you need. A quick-connect cable lets you plug in fast and continue your campaign without pause.

-Data over cable
Worried about that critical game situation? Playing in a busy wireless environment? With data over cable you always have a backup for reliable connectivity.

-Gaming-grade laser
Game-changing precision at any hand speed. Whether you’re zeroing in on one pixel or whipping across a million, the gaming-grade laser gives you hard-to-beat cursor control.

-Onboard memory profiles
You can program up to five profiles for individual players or games (keyboard macros and dpi settings), so you can play your way on other PCs*—without software installation.

-Plug-and-Forget Nano-receiver
Take it with you—your Gaming Mouse G700 is laptop ready. The tiny receiver can stay plugged in a USB port or stores inside the mouse for when you head to a LAN party.

-Sensitivity switching
You can shift from pixel-precise targeting (200 dpi) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 5,700 dpi) in an instant.

-Dual-mode scroll wheel
You get precise click-to-click scrolling that’s perfect for weapon selection when you’re gaming. Hyper-fast scrolling lets you fly through long Web pages.

-LED display
Your battery power, profile settings and dpi sensitivity are always visible at a glance—without being covered by your hand.

Logitech G700 Technical Specifications

Mouse Dimensions
Length 128mm
Width 80mm
Height 46mm
Weight 153g
Connection Wireless
Handed Right Handed
Battery 1xAA Rechargable
Mouse Features
Buttons 13
Macros -
DPI 5700
Lighting Back lighting
Response 1000Hz ultrapolling
Avg. User Score

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23:49 Nov-07-2015

got a factory refurbished unit for £13.50.. perfect condition.. freaking awesome!