Lenovo M6811 Laser Mouse

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
Lenovo M6811 Laser Mouse Review
A really good mouse at first glance. its 10 cms in length and 8 cms in width. The LED above the silver button is used to toggle the dpi(in other terms, the sensitivity of the mouse).
The side silver buttons are good for navigating webpages to go back and forth.
The scroll wheel is sturdy and offers the right amount of resistance while scrolling, whereas the mouse clicks are pretty much the same as any other mouse in this range in the market.
It feels pretty light while using and can also be used on glass surfaces without any glitch.
An important thing I noticed is that though most of the body is covered with a rubberized surface, the build quality still feels a bit plasticy which reveals that its not a high end mouse.

A really good mouse that I would recommend to anyone who would want a cheap, sensitive and good looking mouse.

Lenovo M6811 Laser Mouse Technical Specifications

Mouse Dimensions
Length 0mm
Width 0mm
Height 0mm
Weight 0g
Connection Wired
Handed Right Handed
Mouse Features
Buttons 6
Macros -
DPI 1600
Lighting -
Response 0Hz ultrapolling
Avg. User Score

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