X7 XL-760H

Release Period - Unknown Release Date
X7 XL-760H Review
-Not to be confused with X7 X-760H. X-760H is optical while XL-760H has a twin eye grade 1 Laser sensor and 3600 DPI as compared to 2000 DPI of X-760H.
-Tailor-made Your Mouse and Dominate the Play
-Instead of complex and repetitive mouse operations, you can tailor-made your mouse and perform any one-click game stunts to win the games
-On-board Memory
-Store your favorite macros in the 64K memory, and play on any other computers instantly. No driver is needed.
-6 DPI-Shift Ability with LED Color Indicator(No Driver Required)
-The customizable “DPI Button” with Color Indicator” instantly shifts mouse sensitivity between 100 - 3600 dpi.
-The mouse gives you quick access from pixel-precise targeting to lightning-fast maneuvers without pausing the action.
-Ergonomic 4D Wheel
-Horizontal & vertical scrolling to improve efficiency. No need to tilt.
-Speed Mouse Report Time Up to 1ms With Full-speed USB
Designed with extreme fast report time up to 1ms with Full-speed USB (Maximum 1000Hz reports/sec), The Mouse allows you to fight 8 times faster than an ordinary low speed USB mouse.
-Speed Mouse Key Response Time Up to 3ms
(Key response time of conventional mouse is about 16ms)

X7 XL-760H Technical Specifications

Mouse Dimensions
Length 89mm
Width 56mm
Height 25mm
Weight 400g
Connection Wired
Handed Right Handed
Mouse Features
Buttons 7
Macros Yes, programmable buttons
DPI 3600
Lighting -
Response 1000Hz ultrapolling
Avg. User Score

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