Logitech MX Revolution

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Logitech MX Revolution Review
Our experience to date with the Logitech MX Revolution has been superb. After reading the marketing materials and viewing the bold statements on the packaging we have to say that Logitech backed up their words with an impressive mouse. We found the overall design, ergonomics, and quality of materials to be the best of any mouse we have used to date. While the Revolution has several new features from both a hardware and software viewpoint, we found the new scroll wheel to be the most important technology introduced on this mouse.

When operating in free-spin scrolling mode the wheel becomes almost frictionless and allows hyper-scrolling through documents. We could spin through about 13,000 rows in Excel, 65 pages of a motherboard manual in PDF format, and close to 50 pages in a long word document with a single flick of the wheel. Although using the scroll bar to navigate through long documents can be used easily with any mouse, we feel like the free-spin scrolling on the MX Revolution is so much simpler and quicker. Of course, this is based on fine tuning the controls and working with the mouse to learn its actual capabilities.

At a $99.99 price tag and a design only right handed people can love, this is not a mouse most people can afford even if it is the "World's Most Advanced Mouse" that it claims to be. We believe Logitech's claim but we wonder if maybe technology has gone a little too far this time as two of the three major new features are exercises in what could be accomplished, not what should be. We do agree that the Logitech MX Revolution is the world's most advanced mouse, but is it the world's best mouse? No. It is very close but not there yet.

Logitech MX Revolution Technical Specifications

Mouse Dimensions
Length 85mm
Width 85mm
Height 33mm
Weight 140g
Connection Wireless
Handed Right Handed
Battery Internal lithium
Mouse Features
Buttons 0
Macros -
DPI 1500
Lighting -
Charging 1
Response 0Hz ultrapolling
Avg. User Score

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