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We are just under 2 weeks away until AMD’s next generation of Ryzen processors officially launch, the Ryzen 5000 series looks to be AMD’s best lineup yet for their gaming CPUs, but AMD has now infamously jacked up the prices because of their dominance in the market. Zen 3 is certainly shaping up to be a great generation of processors, but which one of the new lineup looks like the best buy?
AMD is getting ready to launch their next generation of Ryzen 5000 CPUs based on the new Zen 3 architecture, and whilst we haven’t got any official 3rd party benchmarks or reviews yet for the new chips, Passmark has now crowned the new Ryzen 5 5600X CPU as the best performing single-core processor, beating the tremendous amount of competition from Intel at a fraction of the price.
As we gear up for the official announcement, more and more rumors surface regarding the upcoming Radeon RX 6000 series of GPUs by AMD. This time however, instead of focusing on the specs of RX 6000 series we have some alleged benchmarks for the Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card, and it looks to be pretty on par with RTX 3080 performance.
Another week and another batch of free games available on the Epic Games Store. Keeping up the tradition of scary games for Halloween, Epic Games are giving away two spooky-themed titles… Though admittedly one is more horrifying than the other.
Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world Action Adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising (previously known as Gods and Monsters) now has an official demo that you can play today on Google Stadia. It’s free for all players as long as you have a Google account to sign in with, and will be available for the next week until October 29th.
Hideo Kojima is one of the very few video game auteurs out there, after making major success with the Metal Gear Solid series, he’s turned into something of a legend among the gaming industry. Whether you like his games or not, a new game by Hideo Kojima is certainly some exciting news.
Mortal Shell released recently to some critical success, the fresh experience truly made its mark in the Soulslike genre as something new and unique. And now, just in time for Halloween next weekend, Mortal Shell is getting a new update that adds a brand new mini-quest, some character skins, an alternative soundtrack, and an official photo mode.
We are slowly approaching the launch of the RTX 3070 graphics card, which was originally supposed to release last week but got delayed to October 29th in order to increase available stock. However, as we get closer to release, many are anticipating some performance benchmarks. Fortunately for us, some RTX 2080 Ti.
When Nvidia announced the RTX 30 series graphics cards, everyone was impressed by the significant jump in performance improvements over the last generation of GPUs. However, there was one concern among some fans regarding the low VRAM capacities, and whether 10GB on the RTX 3080 would be enough.
Have you ever had a fever dream? What about a fever nightmare? What about a fever nightmare right after watching that bit from Alien where everyone goes into the weird spaceship designed by H.R. Giger? Well that’s what Scorn, the upcoming first person Horror adventure game, certainly seems like, and it just got 14 minutes of gruesome gameplay released.
It seems like a couple studios are rebranding this year, as Electronic Arts first updated their EA Access and Origin Access services to EA Play, and then subsequently changed their Origin app to the EA Desktop App. Now Ubisoft is following suit with Ubisoft Connect, a new service that will be merging and replacing Uplay (the desktop app) and Ubisoft Club (the loyalty program).