Egosoft's highly anticipated space sim X Rebirth launched today, but, in the style we are growing accustomed to for launch day games, a few gamers have been reporting FPS rates, crashes and other optimization issues.

Whilst many seem to be getting excellent performance from the game, others are reporting FPS rates well below 30, with the game apparently unplayable in busier areas, and some cannot get the game to launch at all...

One such bug is currently causing X-Rebirth to freeze on its loading screen.

When task manager is launched, the gamer will see the following XU Serious Error in their Task Manager when they try and launch X-Rebirth.

If you are encountering the X Rebirth XU Serious Error issue then there is a fix.

1. Look for the little audio icon in your windows task bar, usually in the right hand corner of your windows screen.

2. Select 'Playback Devices' by right clicking the audio icon in the system tray.

3. Select your default playback device, and click the "Properties" button.

4. Click the 'Advanced' tab.

5. In the drop down menu called 'Default Format', choose 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) and click "ok".

6. Run X-Rebirth and it will now load


This process got Felix playing X-Rebirth, despite the load screen X Rebirth XU Serious Error bug

So it seemed like it was largely an audio bug but there was little to no feedback that would ever suggest X-Rebirth had an audio issue for the user.


The game has only been out a few hours, so Egosoft will undoubtedly be working flat out to fix these early bugs. We will be publishing a full review of the game in the coming days, by which time hopefully these early wrinkles will be ironed out.

Are you affected by the title's poor performance on launch day? Do you have any solutions, suggestions or tried and tested fixes?

Let us know your ideas and suggestions in the comments!