Developer harebrained Schemes has revealed more details of the official expansion to their Kickstarter-funded hit Shadowrun Returns.

The expansion - called Shadowrun Dragonfall -  will include a full length campaign, a new map, and additional weapons and enemies...

The Developer Also Released New Artwork For The Upcoming Expansion

The expansion is set in "the Free City of Berlin", what the developer describes as "a stable anarchy enforced by an ever-shifting coalition of megacorps, political factions, and savvy power players. A place where almost anything goes and the right connections can be the difference between success and starvation."

In this unstable world dangerous jobs and bounties are plenty, but in this risky world, a new threat is emerging. Rumours abound of a long-forgotten event, called Dragonfall, which has its origins in the earliest days of the Awakened world, and the citizens of Free Berlin will have to face their city's past to assure its future.

Apart from the new Berlin location, additions in the expansion include new characters, new weapons,  cyberware and enemies, and the ability to save anywhere, which will also be applied to the original Shadowrun Returns' "Dead Man Switch" campaign.

Shadowrun Dragonfall is slated to arrive for Windows, OSX and Linux in January 2014, and will be priced at $14.99. Gamers will also be able to buy the Shadowrun campaign pack (which contains the original game and expansion) for $24.99. As with the original game, backers will receive free copies of the game via Steam.

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