When the original specs for Call of Duty: Ghosts were released, many were surprised to see that it may have their PC wheezing like an asthmatic donkey, despite not looking markedly different from most of its predecessors.

While the recommended specs were stratospheric, the 6GB minimum for RAM was what took most people by surprise, but it seems a fix is on its way today…

Call of Duty: Ghosts' System Slaying Fish AI In Action

When the slightly shifty looking system requirements were leaked by NVIDIA, the cynics among us were quick to think that there might be some slight corroboration between system requirements and hardware sales.

Now, we’re no games designers, but fish physics and canine AI don’t sound like the most challenging thing to get running smoothly on a gaming rig, which is what made the 6GB restriction all the more puzzling. This latest update appears to lower the requirements to a more manageable 4GB after reports that the game only occupies between 1.5 and 2GB of RAM on the game’s highest settings.

Infinity Ward even went so far as to entirely prevent the game from booting if you didn't meet the lofty system requirements, something which has irked gamers with 4GB of RAM or lower, knowing that the title in fact uses significantly less. 

The patch notes aren’t currently available but the update certainly makes the game significantly less RAM intensive, as well as adding the promised eSports features that were set to come later in the year. This includes hard-coded rulesets for use in private games that give the host the ability to set weapon, perk and kit restrictions, as well as make use of the new Broadcaster mode that gives you access to a suite of new camera tools.

Have you been unable to run the game at all thanks to the restricted memory settings?

Do you see anything in Call of Duty: Ghosts that justifies the doubling of memory required to meet the recommended settings in comparison to Black Ops II?