Sony Holds Back UK PS4 Stock To Ensure Swift Replacement Of Faulty Consoles

Written by Neil Soutter on Fri, Nov 29, 2013 10:00 AM

Sony has announced it will be holding back some PS4 stock in the UK following the European launch of the PlayStation 4 at midnight last night.

The small amount of reserved PlayStation 4 units will be kept in order to quickly compensate any users who have dead on arrival units...

SCE's UK boss Fergal Gara has said he expects the number of faulty consoles to be minimal, but that ""obviously any gamer who's disappointed is a problem we take seriously. We are looking into causes of those low level problems - and there are certain learnings that have already been taken which means we can potentially further reduce that low level down to as close to zero as we can possibly get it.

"But let's be clear: the failure rate on PS4 is well within the region we see on PS3, which is considered a pretty bullet-proof machine. There is no evidence there to cause panic either for us or for gamers having any lack of confidence in picking up a PS4."

Failure rates of the PS4 in America were originally given as just 0.4% of the million consoles shipped. However, following a spate of reports about the Blue Light Of Death - the throbbing blue light on the front of PlayStation 4s that failed to connect properly - this was raised to 1%, meaning about 10,000 North American fans were left with broken consoles following the launch. Sony's hope for a lower fail rate in this later launch all hinges on the next few days; as of yet we have limited knowledge of how many European gamers suffered PS4 issues.

Did you get your hands on a PlayStation 4 in the EU launch last night or this morning? Is everything running smoothly for you?

Let us know your console experiences in the comments.

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15:26 Nov-29-2013

Its strange that it takes them one country launch to realize what they did wrong. It really seems like the UK is getting ripped off but in the end this will probably be highly beneficial for their customers and themselves.

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17:19 Nov-29-2013

They should have, in the first place, held back the release of the consoles (you too MS) in order to make sure everything was up to par and working properly... It is the same as with many games this year - they released a product in haste without working out all the kinks just to satiate stockholders without giving a damn about their loyal customers...


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