Civilization V designer Jon Shafer has delayed his new take on the 4X turn-based strategy At the Gates until the very sci-fi sounding year 2015.

Jon Shafer clearly can’t escape the classic explore, expand, exploit, exterminate gameplay, and the latest crowd-funded strategy title from the turn-based maestro looks to fix everything he thought went wrong with Civilization 5…

At the Gates was due for release during mid-2014 but Shafer has admitted that releasing it then would have just resulted in a ‘good’ game, rather than the great one the team at Conifer Games is aiming for.

"I've noted in both the original Kickstarter pitch and subsequent updates that the goal with AtG is not just to make a strategy game that not only breaks new ground but also one that is polished at release,” said Shafer.

He continued; "This recipe calls for one key ingredient which has no substitute: time. AtG could be released as originally planned in mid-2014 as a 'good' game. But would it be one of the best strategy games ever? Probably not. As such, I've made the decision to push back AtG's release until 2015."

This is the sort of honesty we rarely see when a game is delayed, and it certainly seems like Jon Shafer is aiming high with his hex-based hardcore strategy title; implying that Conifer Games are striving to release one of the best strategy games of all time.

How do you feel about such a huge delay?

Would you prefer a good game now or a great game in two years?