Free Shadowmantle Expansion Arrives Along With Neverwinter Steam Support

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sun, Dec 8, 2013 11:00 AM
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Neverwinter has forged its way onto Steam, bringing a huge new update in tow. Neverwinter’s Shadowmantle expansion is a totally free modular update that adds a new hunter class, as well as the Dread Ring campaign that has you battling to destroy the titular Valindra Shadowmantle herself.

Shadowmantle is Neverwinter’s first expansion, appearing just six months after the original game’s summer release, and has players delving deeper into the thicketed Neverwinter Woods…

Players can now take on the the role of the Hunter Ranger, providing deadly attacks and abilities both from afar and up close and personal. As well as this the free add-on comes packing several new systems, including an Active Companion Bonus System, Collection System, Artifacts System and an Item Progress System that tracks armour sets.

The Artifacts can be used to bolster the power of abilities and are an entirely new equipment type that can be worn in combat, offering stat bonuses as well as powers.

Delivering new free content to our players is and always will be our highest priority,” said Cryptic Studios executive producer, COO and title-hog Craig Zinkievich. “To see Shadowmantle go live less than six months after official launch is incredible, and we couldn't be more excited to release this new content to our players.

Check out the Neverwinter Shadowmantle launch trailer below…


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11:49 Dec-08-2013

Oh, its that "shadowmantle". i Though Nvidia's "Shadow play" + AMD's "Mantle API" in one cool package, silly me XD


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