Valve has removed all restrictions on playing Dota 2, it was revealed last night.

Until now, access to the MOBA has been controlled through a “gate” system, where players had to queue to get on to the game, but these limitations are now removed ...

Dota 2 Has Used A Queueing System Until Now

In a blog post entitled “the age of sign-ups has ended”, Valve explained that the restrictions had been necessary in order to “[ramp] up our infrastructure and [improve] the experience for new players” whilst still allowing the Dota 2 community to grow at a manageable rate. Valve has recently completed a raft of updates, including server management upgrades, and now believes sign-ups of this kind are no longer necessary.

As of last night, anyone can sign up to play, and the new “recruitment” feature on the game also encourages current users to invite their friends to join in, promising bonuses for both players. According to Valve, the current number of active monthly users for Dota 2 is around 6.5 million.

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