Ubisoft Announces Release Date For Might And Magic X: Legacy

Written by Katie Allen on Sun, Dec 22, 2013 2:00 PM
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If you’re a fan of old fashioned, turn-based, first-person RPGs and wondering what on earth you’re going to play in the bleak and barren month of January, there might be a solution for you.

Ubisoft has announced an official release date for Limbic Entertainment’s Might & Magic X: Legacy, ending an 11 year break for the series…

The first-person RPG will be available on PC from 23rd January in Europe and North America, and 24th January in the UK. The game will be available through retail channels and via digital distribution in PAL regions, whilst in North America players will have access to download only if they want to get hold of a copy.

You don’t see many turn-based CRPGs these days, and it’s far more unusual to come across one linked to a major publisher, so M&MXL has piqued the interest of a lot of fans of the genre. The game will not follow on from 2002’s Might & Magic IX, but instead will continue events as they left off in Might & Magic VI, and will be set in the world of Ashan.

Have you played older Might & Magic games, or Heroes of Might and Magic? Will you be picking this up when it launches in January?

Does an old fashioned style CRPG like this published by Ubisoft get your attention?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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19:54 Dec-22-2013

I loved IV but I really disliked the newer ones and VI... Still playing IV with a skilled competitor :D


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