It’s getting towards the end of the year, a time where we look back at what we’ve been doing for the last twelve months, so we’ve asked some of GD’s regular writers to tell us about their favourite games and tech of 2013. This is Squee's account.

My game of the year is Splinter Cell: Blacklist. I didn’t review it for GD, but nevertheless it’s hard to turn off that "reviewer’s eye". It was as I was ziplining through an exploding natural gas facility when it dawned on me that were I to write a Splinter Cell game myself, this would be precisely how I’d want it to turn out. Pacing in the missions differs between slow and thoughtful to action-packed and frenetic. The story moves at a Jack Bauer-style clip, Jack and his team are believable, the varying locations and scenarios are well-imagined and perfectly capture the feeling of an A-list spy blockbuster. I like for games to tell me a story, and Blacklist is exactly the sort of silly espionage thriller that I adore.

2013 was really the year that I had to come to terms with the fact that I’m something of a Ubisoft fanboy. Depressing, really – I would be able to be so much more smug if I was a fan of obscure, abstract indy games. But there it is – I love their attention to detail, the way they listen to their fans and their understanding that when you buy a game you want a big bite, not just a couple of hours. Thanks for a great year, Ubi, and I can’t wait for 2014!