It’s Christmas. A time for the giving of gifts, and for rewarding those who have been good this year. For a while, it seemed like PC gamers may have been put on Santa’s naughty list this year, with one of the biggest - if not the biggest - game of the year GTA V still only available on console.

But the message may have got through, as today, Christmas Eve, those patient PC gamers may well be deserving after all. Yes, that’s right; the Christmas elves over at Rockstar could have a big present for you. Numerous sources have cited that they will be announcing a release date for Grand Theft Auto V on PC at some point today...

Maybe they read Game Debate’s ten reasons why GTA V should come to PC. Maybe they just realized it was time to stop holding back the goods for an unreasonable amount of time and let those who choose to game on their PCs have equal share of the open world carnage that has been the biggest game of 2013.

There have been rumours buzzing around since this morning that an announcement for GTA 5 on PC was imminent. According to numerous sources at Amazon, the open-world game will come to PC on the 12th of March 2014 in the USA, and the 14th in Europe. The online retailer says they are expecting stock to arrive in February, although stated that this information came from an "outside source" and not the manufacturer. They also stated that Rockstar were planning to announce the game on Christmas Eve, although it is yet to be confirmed. The USA still has 12 hours+ of Christmas Eve left, so we're going to carry on hoping for an announcement until then.

Apparently Injustice Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat were both leaked by Amazon, in exactly the same way. Both of those titles were not expected to be released to PC at all and yet Amazon was the first to inform the world of there impending appearance on PC. It is also said that if you contact Amazon and ask them to confirm Grand Theft Auto V on PC they will send out the exact same auto response, which will state that it will release on 12th March 2014.

So Merry Christmas, PC gamers. Let's hope it's a good one, with an official announcement of GTA V on PC.

Would this be a great Christmas present for you?

Do you trust these "sources" at Amazon, or is this just another painful rumour?

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