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Written by Stuart Thomas on Tue, Oct 25, 2011 2:42 PM

My first PC was a Cyrix 233MHz, that cost me over £1,000. These days, you'd need to pay the council to take it away as rubbish. Yes, friends, the world of top-end PC gaming moves pretty quick.

 It sometimes feels like there's never a right time to get a new machine. Should you wait another couple of months for that top-end graphics card to come down in price? You know that if you do, something else will come along that's even better and catch your eye. Oh, what to do?

 If you look very closely, however, every once in a while a 'sweet spot' arrives. A time when, usually, the current crop of consoles have been around for a while, and certain components just fall into that magical price-to-performance margin that really blows your hair back.

 We're always looking for that sweet spot. And our search here at Game-Debate has led us inexorably to the virtual doors of You see, the good fellows over at Chillblast share our belief that top-end machines at affordable prices should be a reality. In fact, they build these very machines.

 Game-Debate are proud to announce that Chillblast have created a very special machine for us, to serve as our lead review model. From now on, all of Squee's Game-Debate review articles will be tested on this behemoth of gaming power.

 While this is excellent our real aim was to make sure our readers could also afford this special machine. To play games with confidence on the same rig as a top GD reviewer. Chillblast were happy to oblige and they have it for sale to you right now, under the name ‘Fusion Vector’. But to us, it is the mighty CHILLAXE.

This machine will give us a baseline system specification against which each game reviewed will be measured, creating a continuity which will help you as the reader see how system requirements progress through time. For us (and any of you who buys a Fusion Vector, of course), it will ensure that we remain current for a very, very long time.

So let me introduce you to the Chillaxe. The rig's low price means it easily slots into the banding of 'affordable' gaming rigs. Personally, we don't think 'affordable' is a word that does it justice. Sure, the price is amazing, but 'affordable' usually means that corners have been cut, and compromises made. You’d never tell someone “here’s a lovely new birthday present for you – it’s affordable!”

Motherboard, RAM, Processor and Graphics Cards all register on Game Debate as 10/10 stars. This is not the kind of performance you expect to come from an 'affordable' machine. It's the kind of raw, pulsing, white-hot power you'd expect from a high-performance, custom-built labour of love used by the game reviewers themselves. Everything is smack-bang in the middle of that sweet spot and Chillblast are the custom-build masters. So we prefer the word “Awe-fordable”

 Now if you are still here reading this then all that really remains is for me to suggest that you head on over to and have a look at the Fusion Vector, aka the Chillaxe. You can customise it to your heart’s content to meet your personal needs. It's a great time to buy a machine at the moment, and as many of our readers are from all over, Chillblast have said that they will ship throughout Europe. Who knows, maybe they will ship anywhere, it is worth asking them.

So go Chill!

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Can They Run... |

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Ryzen 5 3500U 4-Core 2.1 GHz Radeon RX 540X 2GB Mobile 8GB
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