If you’ve had your name changed to Geralt by deed poll, and after a couple of bottles of mead thought it would be a cracking idea to get a White Wolf for Christmas, you’re in luck.

Your wait for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may still be long and arduous but a collaboration between CD Projekt Red and Fantasy Flight Games may help ease your waiting woes, thanks to The Witcher Adventure Game, coming to a tabletop near you…

Fantasy Flight Games have had previous experience in the video-gaming world with board game adaptations of Civilization and Gears of War. The Witcher Adventure Game tasks players with taking on the role of Geralt himself, as well as three other players in a quests to rid the lands of evil goblins and other foul critters. His band of merry beast-slayers include a bard called Dandelion, a sorceress named Triss Merigold, and a dwarven warrior christened Yarpen Zigrin.

For those of you who like all things pixel there’s also a tablet version in development for both Android and iOS.

It’s rare to see a teaser video for a board game so make the most of it…

Are you going to take the plunge on The Witcher board game?

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