Grand Theft Auto V - Whats In GTA 5

Written by ronni315 on Wed, Nov 2, 2011 10:27 PM
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Here's some things that you can learn from GTA V trailer that came out today:


1. At 0:20 mark you can see a country-side. Rockstar, the game's publisher confirmed that GTA V would take place in "the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches."

2. At 0:18 you can see a few people playing golf. Maybe we'll have some new minigames in GTA V.

3. Main theme of the game could be poverty or all the differences between rich and poor. At 0:36 - 0:37 you can see a wealthy man walking down the street. Next to him, there is a poor man. If you look closely enough you can see a poster in which says: (Going out of buisness - 70%). That could mean that recession cought up Los Santos and you can see that at 0:52 and 1:00 mark.

4. Finnaly, there something that's been right under my nose and I couldn't see it. At 0:54 you can see a blue truck moving. On the side of a side walk you can see a number - 2405 what could mean - 24th of May. If you stop your trailer you can see a sign on a truck saying: "We aim not to lose it". This could easily be a GTA V release date.

Original Story:

1. First of all at 0:07 you can see two people walking down the beach - and there's a dog with them. Does this mean that we can have dogs (or pets) in GTA V?

2. At 0:24 you can see a red car. If you look closely you can see something moving. Could this mean that we'll have customizable cars like we had in San Andreas?

3. At 0:33 you can see a beach with some fitness and training space. Maybe this means we'll have some RPG elements (like weight, strength etc.) just like in SA.

4. At 0:40 some people say that this is Tommy Vercetty from Vice City. You can see him with two other guys (some people say that they are his sons, but I doubt because one of them is black), at 0:47, while they are robbing a bank. Maybe some of them our next main protagonist.

5. At 0:42, 1:01 and 1:12 you can see a couple of planes.

6. At 0:51 you can see a truck called "Up n Atom BURGER" - this might mean we will be able to eat in restaurants.

7. There are two things that you can see at 0:55 mark. First of all some guy is selling a house. This means that in GTA V we'll be able to buy houses. Secondly, you can see a bicycle near the house.

8. At 1:06 you can see a guy running from the police - and he's got tattoos all over him. Perhaps tattoos will come back.

9. 1:10 mark. A VineWood sign. San Andreas here I come!



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God review mate ;)

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That's some really nice noticing :)


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