Game-Debate Birthday Weekend Celebrations

Written by Felix Nova on Sat, Nov 5, 2011 6:03 PM

Ok, GD is turning a mighty three years old on Monday 7th of November and we are going to be having some fun tonight with friends. We want you all to celebrate on behalf of GD and send in photos that you feel best highlights the fun that you are having with us in spirit.

For everyone who emails in their celebratory photos we will give Premium Membership access for a week, so you can take a look at all of our cool tools and get an even better idea of what PCs would rock your world or how well your PC can hold up to the test of time....


BUT for the best photo sent in by the end of Monday 7th November we will dig around the office and find a handful of games that we will send to the winner. We will also give the winner lifetime access to the Premium Area. So as we add more tools to the Premium Area you will be able to keep gaining the benifits without ever having to renew membership.

Photos can be sent to any email you have found on the site for Felix or to our email.

The content of your photos can be whatever you feel best displays your happiness. You do not have to be in the photos. Make sure the photos are clean and safe.

Thank you all for visiting and thank you all for helping make GD a great place to be. Massive love to all of you, our Gamer Chums and we look forward to another AWESOME year of games with you all!

Right lets get the party started!!

Felix strips naked and cannonballs into the hotel swimming pool, soaking all the sun bathing families.


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19:08 Mar-26-2012

"Felix strips naked and cannonballs into the hotel swimming pool, soaking all the sun bathing families"
Oh come on, save that for the 10th birthday.

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21:13 Mar-26-2012

lol :D


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