Minecraft seems to have this habit of bringing out the best and the craziest creativity from its fervent players.

In a move that could probably only be described as mad as a March hare, a man has decided to forgo the indie hit’s crafting mechanics entirely in favour of slipping on a battered pair of hiking boots, whittling a stick down to waist height, and setting off into the sunset in search of the end of world…

Kurt J. Mac heard the news that the gigantic randomly generated worlds of Minecraft had an end point. Known as the Far Lands, this comes at a point where the world has become larger than it can handle, where the scenery begins to artifact and things aren’t quite what they seem.

Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson said “My gut feeling is that nobody ever has (gone there) so far, and nobody will. Walking that far will take a very long time. Besides, the bugs add mystery and charisma to the Far Lands.” 

Most people would accept that as too much of a challenge. Mac heard it as rallying cry, a call to arms, an invitation impossible to resist. And so it was that on March 28, 2011, Kurt J. Mac set off on an epic journey to the end of the world. Frodo, eat your heart out.

In my ignorance, I thought the journey might take a year or so,” he said. It has been nearly three years since he first stepped forth unto the breach, on a 12,000km pilgrimage to a theoretical buggy mess. So far he has travelled more than 700km, leaving him with a considerable stretch still to go. Mac said “Had I known that the Far Lands were so many thousands of kilometres away, I might have been more hesitant.” It seems the March hare is now too committed to seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Check out his Youtube diary, Far Lands or Bust, for updates.

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