The first images have surfaced of Valve’s Source Engine 2.0, demonstrating Left 4 Dead 2’s Plantation level rebuilt from the ground up.

NeoGAF’s resident celebrity leaker ‘CBOAT’ posted the screenshot from a Valve slideshow presentation for Source 2. This is the first we’ve seen or heard of Source 2 in some time, revealing that Valve is at least making strides towards creating some more games in the near future…

CBOAT has built up a reputation for leaking confidential information, and this leaked slide looks to show a massively updated version of Left 4 Dead 2’s Plantation level. There’s clearly a huge increase in the amount of foliage on display, as well as evidence of destructive mechanics and improved lighting effects.

The full presentation is twenty slides long so we’re missing a large part of the top-secret info. While this isn’t a confirmation of Left 4 Dead 3 or Half-Life 3 by any means, Valve’s next-generation engine is still clearly going to provide the basis for upcoming titles.

Do you think this indicates Valve may be working on a Left 4 Dead 3?

What games would you like to see made on the new Source 2.0 Engine?

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