Eek. Those of you still sporting 32-bit operating systems had better start jumping ship quick. Sony Online Entertainment has decided to proceed with 64-bit only development for Planetside 2, despite 6% of the free-to-play MMOFPS’ players still running on 32-bit operating systems.

The end appears to be nigh for those still clinging onto their now antiquated operating systems, with the president of SOE referencing Titanfall’s 64-bit minimum requirements when wishing ‘good riddance’ to 32-bit architecture…

Meet The Man Who Wants To Crush Your 32-Bit Gaming Dreams

Spouting the news via Twitter, SOE president John Smedley wish “Good riddance” to 32-bit operating systems. “All our stuff is 64 bit from here on out. We will be moving Planetside 2 to 64 bit completely.

The move to 64-bit will of course ensure players have access to much more memory, in turn providing better performance. “Don’t want to promise anything till we have tested it,” Smedley said, “but our #1 crash is Out of Memory. This will fix that nicely.

SOE has only just decided on this course of action for the future of Planetside 2, so that 6% of players will still have a bit of time to drag themselves kicking and screaming into a 64-bit world. The move is an expected one after a number of big-hitting titles due for release in the upcoming year are promising 64-bit OS requirements as a minimum; starting next month with Titanfall and continuing with Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, once it finally sees the light of day.

Are any of you here on GD being affected by the push to 64-bit operating systems?

How long do you think until it becomes industry standard across the board?