Xbox 360 Season Pass Owners Unable To Download The Wolf Among Us

Written by Andrew Moynihan on Thu, Feb 6, 2014 11:45 AM
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While the majority of us have gleefully played through the latest thrilling episode The Wolf Among Us, please spare a moments thought for Xbox 360 owners, who've realised that their Season Passes aren't working.

The wait has been a long one for the second episode, but it looks to be longer still for 360 owners. Season Pass holders aren’t being given the option to download the ironically titled Smoke and Mirrors episode, with some even re-purchasing the second episode not even realising they were being charged again…

Xbox 360 owners are able to download the episode if they stump up the £3.99/$4.99 asking price for an individual episode, otherwise they’re being left in the dark as to when they can continue the antics of Bigby Wolf. Telltale and Microsoft meanwhile are behaving like the corporate Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, as blame is apportioned.

Telltale Games issued a statement on its forums saying that the indie developer is “aware of the issue on Xbox Live Marketplace affecting Season Pass owners of The Wolf Among Us where the user is still prompted to purchase Episode 2 even though they own the Season Pass. There appears to be an issue on Xbox Live affecting multiple titles with DLC offerings and Microsoft is actively working to resolve the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience and are hopeful it will be resolved soon."

Despite favourable critical acclaim for The Wolf Among Us it has faced a considerable backlash from the community over recent months. After fans snapped up the first episode and the Season Pass back in October, they have since had to wait four months for the second episode. In addition Telltale erased any good will from early adopters by placing the Season Pass on sale multiple times, as well as giving the ‘Faith’ episode away for zilch.

After the blueprint laid by The Walking Dead you’d have thought this would have been a walk in the park for the veteran adventure game developers.

How badly do you think The Wolf Among Us has reflected upon Telltale Games?

For those who've played through Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors, was it worth the wait?


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23:04 Feb-06-2014

Good that I'm slowly moving to PC then, although I did just buy a PS4 :-/


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