This ranks as one of the more bizarre hobbies that we have ever seen. Paul Yan is a food lover. Specifically any appearance of food in movies, TV shows and, crucially, video games.

This is what sent him on a bizarre escapade to photograph every single bit of food-related paraphernalia in Grand Theft Auto V. You name it, Yan’s snapped its virtual calories. It’s taken him over a month of pretty solid photography but he’s now amassed more than 3000 pictures of food in GTA V…

While PC gamers are still sat around waiting for Rockstar to take their fingers out of their ears and announce a PC release date, Yan has been using his time altogether more productively. His gastronomic smorgasbord of snaps includes 2000 pictures of restaurants, menus and kitchens, while a further 1000 pictures are of NPCs with food.

Yan relished the challenge, telling Destructoid; "I'm a pretty big foodie and love video games. It took me around a month (about 4-8 hours each day) to explore GTA V’s world to find food, and I’m pretty sure I have all, if not, most of the food in the game!" Let’s hope he’s not misteaken as there’s quite a margarine for error in a world of Los Santos’ size.

Check out his full list of snaps here, hopefully these will make the never-ending wait for a GTA V PC release easier.

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