Thief Gets Third Stories From The City Trailer

Written by Katie Allen on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 9:30 AM
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With just two weeks to go until Eidos' rework of Thief launches, the developer has released the third part in the Stories From The City series of trailers.

We've seen Basso and Queen Of The Beggars' trailer already; this focuses on the other side of the City's society, on the law-enforcing Thief Taker General...

Fairly predictably, he isn't the most morally upstanding fellow, and his "black tax" is designed to punish those in the underworld who seem to get above their own financial station. Evade this tax, and you'll find yourself on the end of a noose. Garrett, of course, is his big target, "a fly in the ointment, that grain of sand in the gears".

He seems like an all round pretty unpleasant fellow, although the trailer paints him rather more as a campy, pantomime kind of villain that a genuine, imposing nemesis. Maybe it's just the moustache, or the silly name. "Thief Taker General"? Really?

Anyway, you can check out the full trailer for yourself below.

What do you think of the Thief Taker General? Will you be buying Thief when it releases on 25th February?

Tell us what you think.

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10:37 Feb-12-2014

It's a little worrying to see the characters being introduced in such a good\evil fashion. Garrett was hardly a hero to begin with. Hopefully the final game's moral compass will have more than two settings.

09:32 Feb-12-2014

will mantel becoming with thief or will it be a update like bf4?


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