The debate over which next-gen console is favoured by developers seems to get new input every day. Earlier this week, Sniper Elite 3’s development studio added to this debate, stating the difficulties of development on the Xbox One.

However, it seems like House of Witcher CD Projekt Red are having no such issues with the hardware, underlining that both would allow them to achieve previously unattainable visual standards, vast maps and play with new and exciting gameplay ideas for upcoming RPG The Witcher III

Lead Gameplay Designer Maciej Szcześnik discussed using the third iteration of the studio's own REDengine with next-gen, underlining the power it had given to CD Projekt RED "We wanted to put as much force as we could into the punch that, we hope, will change the RPG genre for a long time. Both consoles are wonderful pieces of hardware and allow us to go crazy on the visuals and gameplay ideas. This next generation of hardware will mean a next generation of graphics and storytelling in open-world RPGs.”

It looks like there won't be too many big hitches with the console development, then, and from the footage we have seen so far The Witcher III: Wild Hunt looks like it could be one of the most visually stunning works of the year. He went on to underline the sheer ambition of the Polish development studio's undertaking, where each story of the already long and dense RPG is able to mould itself around the players actions and moral decisions.

“You don’t even want to know how much work that takes,” he said in an interview with press “Really. We’re making a game with 36 different possible endings, 12 world states and three fully playable epilogues. And all this is powered by your choices and is interconnected. If you want to get the scope of it, picture this: 100 hours of gameplay, a ton of quests and decisions to be made. Imagine the time needed to put all this into one coherent piece. Yes, you don’t even want to know.”

The vastness of this game looks set to outrun even the likes of Skyrim. According to Szcześnik, side quests are of sufficient length to double the overall gameplay time, whilst the map will take 40 minutes to cross on horseback and is a mindblowing 35 times the size of The Witcher II  world. Check out the screenshots below for a reminder of the impressive stuff we've seen so far.

There's no firm release date as of yet, but all indications point to a 2014 release date. It looks highly unlikely to make the Spring release window we saw with earlier instances of this franchise, however, so we'll probably have to wait until at least early Autumn to get our extremely eager paws on this game.

Are you psyched for the new Witcher game? Are you impressed by the next-gen visuals we've seen so far?

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