Complete List Of Titanfall Burn Cards Revealed

Written by Andrew Moynihan on Thu, Feb 20, 2014 4:30 PM
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Those of you who into the Titanfall beta will no doubt have noticed the unlocking of burn cards when finishing matches. These can be collected and used in subsequent games for the duration of one life, granting the player with new weapons, Titans, or abilities.

The one time use cards include abilities such as higher weapon damage, experience point multipliers and even new Titans. A total of fifty Burn Cards were available during the Titanfall beta, unlocked by completing in-game achievements and matches, and some clever so and sos have managed to compile a list of all of them…

• Bottomless Frags
• Shock Rocks
• (Amped Arc Mine)
• (Amped Satchel Charge)
• Amped RE-45
• Amped P2011
• (Amped B3 Wingman)
• Amped Smart Pistol
• (Amped C.A.R. SMG)
• Amped R97
• Amped EVA-8
• Amped R-101C
• (Amped Hemlok BF-R)
• (Amped G2A4)
• Amped LMG
• Amped DMR
• Amped Kraber
• Amped Sidewinder
• Amped Archer
• Amped Mag Launcher
• Amped Charge Rifle
• Active Camo
• Ghost Squad (Rare)
• Prosthetic Legs
• Smuggled Stimulant
• Adrenaline Transfusion (Rare)
• Spider Sense
• Packet Sniffer
• Aural Implant
• Echo Vision (Rare)
• Satellite Uplink
• Map Hack (Rare)
• Double Agent
• Conscription
• WiFi Virus
• Massive Payload
• Rematch
• Super Charger
• Spectre Camo (Rare)
• Decisive Action
• Pull Rank
• Outsource
• Fast Learner
• Thin The Ranks
• Urban Renewal
• Most Wanted List
• Titan Salvage
• Atlas Refurb (Rare)
• Reserve Ogre (Rare)
• Spare Stryder (Rare)

Here’s a link to a rather large gallery featuring pictures of 44 of these Titanfall Burn Cards and explaining their abilities in more detail.

These look to be Titanfall's version of Call of Duty's perks system, although the one-time use system should prevent many of the problems some gamers had with Call of Duty's system. 

What do you make of the Burn Cards system in Titanfall?

Which of these looks cards looks to be the most useful?

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