Valve has released an new Counter Strike: Global Offensive ‘Operation’ pack. The Pheonix add-on brings with it eight new community-created maps to join the official rotations, alone with a glut of new weapon decal drops for those who want to pimp their rifles.

The Operation Phoenix maps were chosen by a community vote, so in theory should be some of the best battlegrounds going in the game. If they’re not, then you’ve only got democracy to blame…

The community-favourite maps set to join the CS:GO fold are Favela, Cache, Motel, Seaside, Downtown, Thunder, Ali and Agency. I don’t know about you but I immediately judge a map by its proverbial cover when a new batch come out. From these deductions I can tell you that Cache should probably be called Cliched; Favela looks all kinds of awesome, and Motel gives me vibes of SWAT so that one definitely gets a pass by me.

To get involved in the seemingly endless war between the goody two-shoes counter-terrorists and the least subtle terrorist organisation around is going to set you back three bucks. Players who buy in will also get a Phoenix Coin; a magical token that can be upgraded through wins, or alternatively through brute force (aka playtime). The Phoenix Coin acts as a virtual scorecard that gives players all the info from their playtime on the new maps.

There’s also a range of new weapon drops, ranging from the ostentatious to the camo-lovers dream come true.

Any of you GDers still carrying the torch for Counter-Strike?

Which of these fan-made maps do you want to set a great big bomb off in?

Let us know below...