Devastation, Earth-Smiting And A Crisis Of Confidence - Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Anno

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Feb 27, 2014 2:02 PM
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bitComposer today announced a new action-RPG, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, scheduled for a release on personal computers in 2014.

If you happen to like your plots preposterously grandiose then look no further than Shadows, with its mortal realm that is on the brink of total destruction. Humanity’s only hope of course rests in the hands of a single man. Or should I say soul-devouring demon…

Nestled in a dictionary somewhere between cliched and well-trodden, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms looks to be classic hack ‘n’ slash fare with a light sprinkling of demonic magic. Think party-based Diablo and you’re pretty much there.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is actually following in the events of 2005’s Kult: Heretic Kingdoms, whereby once again an ominous darkness has been cast over the world. Like a vegetarian in a steakhouse, the main character is a conflicted soul. The Devourer, as he is known, can travel back and forth between the human and the shadow realms, gobbling down the souls of his enemies. Like any good demon worth his salt, it appears The Devourer has some semblance of a conscience, no doubt leading to intense scenes of internal wrangling and self-doubt.

To give him a shoulder to cry on the Devourer can also be accompanied by a party of up to three out other teammates; while players have the opportunity to switch between all four on the fly. The unique plane-shifting mechanics allows the player to solve puzzles or avoid traps in one realm that affect the other.

Check it out for yourself in the trailer below!

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms should be arriving this very calendar year, 2014 to you folks out of the loop. Like what you see?

Let us know!

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15:37 Jun-16-2014

Are the requirements are true and official? it kinda lower than i thought.. its great for everyone but just thought of asking!

01:31 Feb-28-2014

I liked it, it looks awesome not to mention that I was very disappointed to know that Diablo 3 was going to be all online, and from that moment on I didn't even bother in buying it.

16:27 Feb-27-2014

it looks nice visually but the trailer makes you think lower budget voice acting


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