Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has revealed that Mojang is currently working with Warner Bros on a movie adaptation of the wildly successful game.

The project is still in the planning stages and is not confirmed or started, but the reveal was made in the face of other sources threatening to leak the film’s existence to the public...

The Reveal Has Been Retweeted Thousands Of Times

“Someone is trying leak the fact that we’re working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie. I wanted to be the leak,” Notch revealed on Twitter.

Apparently, he was hoping to keep the project a secret until everything was signed and agreed on, but the threat of an impending leak from another source forced his hand. Confirming the reveal to press, Notch said that

“It’s for real. I think every part of that tweet was real, including me wanting to be the one to spill the news about a potential movie. It would be nice to tell people when it’s 100% solid rather than to leak it before it’s completely final, but our hands were a bit tied and rushed here.”

Minecraft is one of the most successful PC games of all times, with over 35 million copies sold and an annual convention - MineCon - dedicated to the title’s vast fanbase. A movie tie-in would likely be a guaranteed money spinner for both parties, bringing yet more players to the game whilst the huge fan base creates an existing target market for the film.

Historically, however, games have not always made the best movies. It’s not a great indication of that quality of your average game-to-movie adaptation when the highest rated internationally released adaptation was the movie version of Mortal Kombat. I’ll reserve judgement for now, however. Since it doesn’t have to bother to translate the style into live action, we can hope that the movie will be a piece of voxel-based animated fun; a hope greatly bolstered by the fact that Lego Movie producer Roy Lee is allegedly on board with the project.

What do you think about Minecraft getting its own film franchise? What’s your favourite game-to-film adaptation?