Here at GD we continue to be amazed by the endeavours of Minecraft fans. Over the last few years they’ve continued to outdo themselves, piecing together such mind-blowing creations as a working 3D printer, Tamriel, the Taj Mahal, and even the USS Enterprise.

Now though, one enterprising blocktician is pushing the boundaries on Minecraft even further, recreating a perfect 1:1 replica of the entirety of the Manhattan district of New York, using a hefty 200GB of RAM to render it…

Manhattan Public Library - Minecraftified

Many games have tried and failed to recreate New York City, with many shrinking things down to stylised representations of real cities. From GTA IV through to the endless glut of Spider Man games, they’ve all tried and to some degree they’ve all failed.

According to ArsTechnica, computer science student Christopher Mitchell is the first person to attempt a perfect replica of every single building. And yes, it looks every bid as hideously complicated as it sounds. Mitchell’s been busy doing this project for the last year or so and still has some way to go, but the results so far look staggering. Combining complex algorithmic equations with the ever-reliable Google Maps, he’s already pieced together some of New York’s most iconic buildings.

Of course it’s one thing making these designs, it’s a whole other ball game trying to render it. Mitchell is currently using a mammoth server cluster loaded up with 200 gigs of RAM and 300 cores, which still takes hours to render his current version of the 1:1 scale Manhattan. It’s currently a staggering 277 square kilometres of terrain, with 71 billion cubic metres of information. And it’s still growing.

What do you make of Mitchell's achievement?

Do you think future game's will use similar tech to scan entire cities straight in as playable maps?

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