It’s probably too sobering a thought for many, but a new website tool for the original Dark Souls allows gamers to check out their total number of deaths in the game by uploading a completed game save.

Now, we knew death happened a lot in Dark Souls, but it’s not until you get your eyes on the figures that you truly begin to realise what an imposing game From Software’s title is…

An All Too Familiar Screen For Dark Souls Players

No doubt for reasons of sanity, the statistics are hidden away from view in Dark Souls, until this fansite came to be, giving gamer credibility and morale a right good kicking.

The stats reveal that From Software’s action RPG is every bit as hideously difficult as it's made out to be, with the average number of deaths in a complete playthrough currently sitting at a staggering 626. What is surprising is that a pretty hefty 70% of gamers pushed through and completed Dark Souls, showcasing that most gamers’ had enough perseverance to plough through to the end, despite staring into the jaws of doom for days of game time.

There’s also a cheeky bonus stat for people’s nicknames for one of gaming’s hardest boss pairs, Ornstein and Smough, with over 400 people thinking “Fuck This I Quit” is the most appropriate. To upload your save and to check out more of the stats, be sure to have a mooch on over to Dark Souls Deaths.

Fittingly enough the sequel, Dark Souls 2, is due out in just a matter of days for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s arriving on March 11 in the Us and March 14 in Europe, with a worldwide PC release coming on April 25.

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