Another outrageously talented Minecraftian has been at it again, this time constructing a giant Steampunk city atop the back of a gargantuan turtle.

Built by Minecraft player CARLOOO, this impressive feat of virtual engineering took more than five months to create. Dubbed ‘Atropos’, the giant turtle is quite the sight, and crucially takes us me one step closer to my pipe dream of an entire Discworld rendered in-game…

Minecraft is a bustling hub of creativity that seemingly gets more outrageous every time I’ve looked, with recreations of Manhattan, the UK, a working 3D printer, and even Skyrim, continuing to astound me.

Check out an extensive tour of Atropos in the video below…

It's gone through a number of iterations, including at one point being atop a giant while, during the five-month development period. Unfortunately, at the moment it doesn't swim morosely through space. 

What do you make of CARLOO's creation?

You can grab if for yourself here, if you do be sure to let us know below how it is!

Source: Planet Minecraft