Political Simulator Democracy 3 Gets Elected To iPad

Written by Katie Allen on Tue, Apr 1, 2014 5:07 PM

Positech Games has announced that its popular Political Simulator Democracy 3 will be arriving on iPad in the near future.

The title, which has users take the role of Prime Minister or President of a western nation, is currently available on PC, but the developer says he believes the user interface is ideally suited to touchscreen...

It isn't the first time developer Cliff Harris has made a move into the mobile market. Back in 2012, he released tactical space game Gratuitous Space Battles for Apple's mobile OS. Democracy 3 is possibly a little more niche in the context of the mobile market, but this could prove as much a strength as a weakness.

When our sister site Game Debate reviewed the PC version of the title, they called said that “Democracy 3 is an excellent game. It’s not a perfect game. But it's about as much fun as I imagine you can have simulating the upper echelons of government in a modern-day democratic country unless you play it for laughs, like Saint’s Row.” They called the user interface a “work of genius” and said it “really gives you the feeling that you’re tackling these real-life issues. It’s a chance, albeit in game form, to right the wrongs that you might feel exist in the modern world.”

High praise indeed, which is why we are psyched that the title will be transitioning over into the mobile market.

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