App Use Accounts For 86 Percent Of Phone Web Use In USA According To Study

Written by Katie Allen on Wed, Apr 2, 2014 5:07 PM

This probably won’t come as much surprise to many smartphone owners, but it seems that app use is now dominating mobile web time, overtaking the amount of time most users spend using their own mobile browser.

Official statistics documenting how smartphone owners use their devices say that whilst the average US consumer spends around 2 hours 42 minutes a day on their phone, only a small percentage of web use is accounted for by mobile web. Instead, 86% is spent accessing the web through apps like Facebook, Tumbr, Instagram and YouTube…

This is a 6% increase on the same time last year, when app use accounted for around 80% of web use. According to the new data, a whopping 32% of the time is spent playing mobile games, with King’s Candy Crush Saga the most popular for the last calendar year, whilst Facebook remains the most popular social media app, taking 17% of use on its own. US citizens on average spend a little more time checking out YouTube that keeping up with current events; whilst the videosharing site took up 4% of time spend on the web on average, catching up on the news came in on 3%.

But whilst more Americans than ever now using smartphones and tablets, mobile app growth is actually starting to level out. The increase in use in the last year is just under 10%, a smaller increase since last year. Presumably it will have to tail off eventually, or we’ll all just have to give up our jobs and education to spend more time taking pictures of our breakfast on instagram.

With the huge share of mobile usage taken up by Facebook, it is pretty unsurprising that the social media site took the lion's share of cash, too. 18% of cash from all mobile adverts in the US was gobbled up by Mark Zuckerberg’s giant, whilst a further 18% was taken by Google apps. It’s likely we will see an increase in the number of mobile adds we are flooded with; some experts predict a rise of up to 75%. If this is true, revenue from mobile advertising is likely to surpass that of web display ads in the next 3-4 years. It looks like the age of mobile technology could only get stronger as the decade progresses.

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