A mahoosive new update for World of Tanks has been trundled out of the Wargaming.net HQ. The New Frontiers 9.0 patch for the aging - but still going strong - multiplayer tank simulator, brings with it a brand new game mode, updated HD tank models, and dramatically reworked maps.

Historians take note, the new Historical Battles game mode will allow you to re-enact the classic tank battles of yesteryear, sipping on a G&T without the worry of swallowing a rogue tank shell…

Wargaming is promising uncompromised detail in the HD World of Tanks update

Three different historical battles will be available for its debut, a couple of which might be familiar to hardened Battlefield 1942 fans. We’ve got the Battle of Kursk, the Battle of the Bulge, and finally Operation: Spring Awakening, which must be fought only with the tanks used in the real battles. If you’re still studying history at school, you may as well burn those textbooks now.

The new high-definition textures look, and I don’t this term lightly, rather spiffy, with Wargaming.net upgrading both the models and textures to look tankier than ever. We’ve certainly come a long way since Goldeneye 64. Or Battlezone for that matter.

Beneath the hood there’s some improved physics at work, so everything should more realistically and explode better. Not that anyone really knows how these hundred year old tanks should be handling, but it’s nice to see Wargaming.net’s concern.

Don't just listen to my ramblings though, see it all for yourself in the trailer below!

Unbeknownst to me, World of Tanks has become a rip-roaring success, notching up more than 75 million players in its four year history, boasting one million concurrent tankers. In fact, in terms of average revenue per user, World of Tanks is the most profitable F2P title in the world, with the average gamer stumping up $4.51 each year in microtransactions. It might not seem like much, but it's more than three times more profitable per player than League of Legends, which makes just $1.32 per user. Facts, I'm full of 'em.

Dusting off your Panzerkampfwagen IV in preparation?

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