The world of video game fandom can be a pretty crazy place. If people aren’t doing 21-minute Half-Life speed runs, they’re recruiting a couple of million people to collectively play Pokemon, getting a million Xbox Live achievements, or doing all sorts of other totally nuts things.

Minecraft has always tested this kind of insanity to the limit. A couple of weeks ago we told you about a how one Minecraft user made an entire city on the back of a turtle. This time, Minecraft madness comes about outside the virtual world, as one fan has used his 3D printer to print out entire Minecraft scenes in plastic...

If you didn’t already want a 3D printer (what? You didn’t want a 3D printer? What’s wrong with you?!) you probably will now. A Minecraft aficionado named Dave Russell has implemented a bit open source 3D printing software called Mineways to create Minecraft worlds in real life. Mineways allows users to convert Minecraft designs into 3D models, which can subsequently be printed out. It's kinda like the time another guy created a working 3D printer in Minecraft. Only, you know, the opposite.

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You can see more objects made using Mineways over on Flikr.

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