Rumor: Amazon Smartphone Will Allegedly Favour Tilting Over Touch-Based Buttons

Written by Katie Allen on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 10:33 AM

Amazon’s rumoured upcoming phone may be running Android, but it looks like it is trying hard to set itself apart from the mass of of Android OS smartphones out there already.

Not only will the UI apparently be heavily skinned to avoid similarities with Google’s interface, but Amazon’s phone will allegedly replace the traditional touch and swipe gestures we are used to in smartphones with tilting functions...

According to Amazon, this functionality will be built into a number of apps for the mobile, with side tilt taking you to your photo gallery. The function of the Amazon tilt gesture will apparently change depending on which app is open at the time. A tilt in Google maps, for instance, can open Yelp reviews for local restaurants, whereas a tilt in the Amazon video store could bring up the IMDB page for the item you are viewing.

The tilting will allegedly be achieved using four retina tracking buttons on the front of the Amazon smartphone. According to some sources, these tilt functions will replace touch-based menu buttons entirely, instead featuring left and right tilts to make panels appear over the current screen. If so, it will be a big shift from the touch and swipe functionality we have become so used to, and could prove something of a learning curve for those wanting to invest in the Amazon smartphone.

In addition, it will presumably require app creators implement tilt functionality into their applications, which could provide an additional hurdle if Amazon’s first foray into the smartphone world fails to sell as well as its tablets.

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