Ever wondered how glorious Bioshock would look if it were create in the all-new Unreal Engine 4? Well wonder no more because an intrepid individual gathered some original Bioshock assets and plonked them in Epic’s new engine to gorgeous effect.

Back at GDC in March, Epic announced that it would be licensing out its newest engine for just $19 a month, and developers were itching to get their hands on an engine which previously cost an arm and a leg. The results you can see before you now, and they’re certainly impressive…

noodlespagoodle is the creative mind behind this project, which has left me pretty excited about the potential of UE4. The video shows a Big Daddy trapped inside in Rapture, and the graphical effects on display are certainly looking. The creator is already thinking of expanding the demo into an entire level which, although a full conversion doesn’t look to be on the cards just yet. The demo definitely does a good job of demonstrating the power of the tools available though.

I don’t know about you but this just made me want the full whack to happen, it’s about time we got a chance to once again descend to the dark dystopian depths of Rapture. Now that Irrational Games are no more it may well be the closest we get…

What do you think of Unreal Engine 4’s potential?

Any other games you’d like to see remade in this engine?

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