Polish studio CD Projekt RED has promised that its highly anticipated upcoming RPG The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will not face any further delays on its way to release.

The Witcher 3 was originally scheduled to arrive on multiple platforms in the Autumn of this year, but was then delayed until February 2015 in order to have a few more months to polish the title. But company co-founder Marcin Iwinski has told press that the move was a one off, and on no accounts will the game be delayed after this February window …

CDPR Said It "Could Have Done A Better Job" On Witcher 2 Release

"This is not our first game; we are not newbies," he said. "It's not like 'hey we are delaying and we'll keep on delaying'. If we would think we need more time we would say 'hey we'll release it not in Feb but, I don't know, June'. We made the decision at the moment we were able to judge how much time we needed, and we planned it well and it works well for us. So, no more delays."

Iwinski also said that CD Projekt RED had been pleasantly surprised by the reaction from fans, who were generally tolerant about the delay and glad to see that the Polish studio wouldn’t be rushing the title for a pre-Christmas release. He also said that CDPR had made the decision in spite of pressure from shareholders.

But we knew what kind of quality we are expecting," Marketing director Michael Platkow-Gillewski added, "and, I believe, what gamers would expect from us as well. And that was our aim. We knew that to deliver that we needed extra time."

It's always nice as a gamer to see a studio so actively promoting quality over profit, and Iwinski explained the difficulties of timings when it came to creating games as deep and large as the Witcher series.

We could have done a better job for The Witcher 2 when we released it," said Iwinski. “But that wasn't possible at the time, and so there were problems such as an out-of-whack difficulty curve that spiked at the beginning, plus other things that would have benefited from testing and finesse.”

You can always take more time on a game, especially with huge games. You're never able to plan perfectly, and then the closer you get to shipping, the more you see 'oh I could use these [extra] two-three months..."

As it happens, the delay may have proved fortuitous for CD Projekt RED. Moving from at October release window to the new February one means the highly anticipated RPG has avoided falling into the same release period as two other big Q4 releases; Dragon Age: Inquisition and Middle-earth: Shadows Of Mordor.

What do you think to the decision to delay The Witcher 3 by an extra few months?