It looks like Zavvi has published a release date for GTA V already. The date they have given is the end of November this year.

The question is do they have inside knowledge...

We are inclined to see this as fairly common practice by an online retailer and likely to become more common as time goes on. We all know that GTA V will be released. Online stores like Zavvi want to get an early entry on their site so they can begin taking pre-orders for anyone willing to part with their cash up front. This way they bag the sale and the gamer is happy that they are one step closer to owning the game.

The date given on Zavvi is the 23rd November 2012. A friday in the UK and the usual EU release day. Chances are the 20th November is the date for US, if we are to follow Zavvi's release format.

This feels like a far enough away estimate that people may believe it to be plausable but close enough to get people excited and willing to pre-order. Couple this with the fact that they are the first to be proactive about taking pre-orders and displaying a release date for GTA V and then you have your self a solid marketing drive. The internet, and now including me, are actively promoting/advertising Zavvi selling GTA V by talking about this possible release date as GTA V news.

I bet if you type into the search engines - "pre-order GTA V" you will find your way to Zavvi pretty quickly at the moment

Genius or obvious?

And now I will leave you to make your next move ;)