Sony is preparing to announce plans to launch a public DriveClub beta for its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Sources claim that Sony will announce the beta during its E3 2014 press conference on June 9th, ahead of beta sign-ups the very next day…

DriveClub is already looking stunning, and there's still nearly 5 months to polish it up.

Beta sign-ups will run for a matter of weeks before opening to test drive on July 1st. When DriveClub design director Simon Barlow was asked on the topic he said “I’d be very keen to do a beta but at the moment I haven’t got any plans I can announce.

We’re looking at multiple options for continuing user testing. We may very well do a friends and family private beta within the Sony family. But as for any open betas or closed betas there are no specific plans as yet.

What the case, Barlow’s keeping schtum for now, although it won’t be long until we find out for ourselves with E3 just over a fortnight away.

DriveClub is out on PlayStation 4 on October 7th in the US, followed by October 8th in Europe.

Who’s itching to sign up to the beta test?

Could DriveClub be PS4’s Forza-killer?

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