The Watch Dogs PC version has leaked to torrent sites around the globe, but reports are coming in that the most popular torrent is riddled with malware.

Many users who are downloading pirated copies of Watch Dogs, which ironically is a game about hacking and nefarious technological intrusions, are finding that it comes bundled with a bitcoin mining virus that is causing huge CPU power consumption and the dreaded blue screen of death…

Watch Dogs is of course easily the most anticipated release this year so far, and within a matter of minutes of Watch Dogs leaking, thousands upon thousands of PC gamers were downloading the dodgy files.

The irony is probably lost on those who’ve fallen prey to the hack, as the Bitcoin mining malware causes the Watch Dogs BSOD, unstable computers, and a huge increase in power consumption. CPU power consumption reportedly shoots up around 25%, due to a malware process running under the name “winlogin.exe”, not to be confused with “winlogon.exe”, which is itself a legitimate process.

The offending version is currently one of the most seeded Watch Dogs torrents, and it's worth bearing in mind that no one's quite sure what's lurking in the other available versions just yet or if they are just copies of the dodgy one.

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UPDATE by Felix: Just to clarify, it would seem that the Bitcoin mining, that your machine is performing as a background operation, is done on behalf of the uploader of the pirated version. So that means that they would gain any money generated from the malware built farm of PCs owned by those people who run that dodgy version of WD. Bit Mining software itself is not recognised as a virus and so might not be picked up at this point as a virus or malware by your anti virus or anti malware programs. Obviously it is best to perform Bit Mining via a graphics card solution so it is a little strange that the malware hijacks a persons CPU instead of their GPU, but maybe that is because it only has easy access to the persons processor?


For all those hopefully picking up Watch Dogs legitimately, it arrives worldwide on May 27th for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One and you will of course be able to get the early patches and run Watch Dogs multiplayer.