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Watch Dogs is upon but, as with any high-profile, system-shredding release it’s not without its problems. Ubisoft of course has previous in this field, delivering up some dodgy Assassin’s Creed ports over the years.

Watch Dogs is grabbing some rave reviews though so if you’ve bitten the bullet and jumped into Aiden Pierce’s Chicago, here’s some fixes for problems you may be experiencing in Watch Dogs…


Poor Performance, Stuttering and FPS drops in Watch Dogs Using Nvidia GeForce Graphics

Many Nvidia GeForce graphics cards owners are experiencing low frames per second and stuttering in Watch Dogs. Provided your gaming PC meets the Watch Dogs minimum system requirements, your first port of call should be downloading the Watch Dogs optimised Nvidia GeForce 337.88 drivers

For Nvidia the Watch Dogs graphics cards drivers needed are GeForce 337.88.


Poor Performance, Stuttering and FPS drops in Watch Dogs Using AMD Radeon Graphics

Nvidia partnered with Ubisoft to optimise Watch Dogs for Nvidia graphics cards. Out of the gate this means that AMD Radeon cards may perform worse than their Nvidia counterparts. AMD is releasing its new Watch Dogs optimised Catalyst 14.6 beta drivers later today, which it promises improves performance by at least 25%+ on single-GPU setups.

For AMD the Watch Dogs graphics cards drivers needed are Catalyst 14.6.


Blue Screen of Death Error 0xa0000001 Watch Dogs

If when you boot up Watch Dogs it hangs and you get a BSOD error code 0xa0000001, this is an AMD-related driver issue. Install to the latest 14.6 Catalyst drivers to ensure compatibility.

Another possible fix to this issue is removing your controller/gamepad before starting the game, and the plugging it back in once Watch Dogs has loaded.

Nvidia users, try disabling your SLI profile for Watch Dogs. You should be fine with the latest 337.88 Nvidia GeForce drivers but if not then this could be a like source of the blue screen of death error.


Watch Dogs is Constantly Crashing

If you are getting repeated crashes in Watch Dogs at seemingly random times, or immediately after the Watch Dogs Ubisoft logo splash screen at the start, then try enabling offline mode in Uplay.


Watch Dogs Executable Will Not Launch Or Has Error “The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b)”

If the Watch Dogs executable will not launch then try disabling the Uplay overlay in the Uplay settings.

Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of Uplay and uncheck the box "Enabled in-game overlay for supported games"


My Mouse Feels Strange / How To Remove Mouse Acceleration In Watch Dogs

A relic of its origins as a console port, Watch Dogs on PC comes with mouse acceleration automatically enabled. To disable mouse acceleration you to need to locate your Watch Dogs settings file in your documents. Go to:

Local(Drive):\Users\Your Username\Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs\folder

Find the GamerProfile.xml and open it using Notepad. Press Ctrl + F to search for, find, and alter the following terms.

Sensitivity - Set sensitivity from 0 to 1.
UseMouseSmooth - Set UseMouseSmooth from 1 to 0
Smoothness - Set Smoothness from 1 to 0


Watch Dogs DirectX 11 Error

When booting up Watch Dogs if you get an error saying you need DX11, ensure you download the latest drivers relevant to your graphics card and also the latest version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.


Watch Dogs Crashes With Error Message “Windows Vista SP1 or Better Required”

We’re still not sure what the root cause of this problem is but if you encounter it then locate the Watch Dogs executable and right click > Properties. From the newly opened window click the Compatibility tab and check the box for “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select Windows Vista SP 1 from the drop-down menu. Also ensure that “Run this program as an Administrator” is selected.


As always be sure to let the community know if you encounter any other bug fixes, errors or performance improvements you encounter while playing Watch Dogs!

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