There’s a tonne of games worthy of our hype coming out in the next few months, but CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher III: Wild Hunt definitely comes high up on that list.

We’ve seen quite a few screenshots and cinematic trailers for the game so far, but gameplay is where it really counts, and we got some extended Xbox One gameplay footage for the title at E3 this week...

The new footage shows everyone's favourite Witcher Geralt of Rivia hunting and taking down a griffin (yes, it is as cool as it sounds) and chatting with an NPC.

We’ve heard rumours that The Witcher 3 is currently running at 720p/30FPS on Xbox One, so those of us who choose to play the title on PC should see a bit of a resolution hike. We’ve still got a while until launch to get even more excited about this game; The Witcher III will be hitting PC and consoles on February 24th 2015.

What do you think of the new gameplay video? Can The Witcher III: Wild Hunt truly live up to the hype?