Grand Theft Auto 5 may have just been unveiled on PC after months of waiting and a petition that ran to hundreds of thousands of signatures, but if Sony is to be believed, it is the PS4 version that will be getting some bonus offerings included courtesy of Rockstar.

What with Sony being the ones to announce GTA 5 next gen in their E3 conference on Monday, it’s not altogether shocking that Sony has cut some kind of deal with the developers. The precise details of what that deal might entail is still up in the air, but SCEA marketing boss Jonathan Koller assured press this week that an exclusivity deal was being made for some GTA 5 extras...

Koller said that GTA 5 was something that would be discussed a great deal in the coming months, but did say that the PS4 version of the best-selling title would be “something very special” on PS4. Probed on whether that meant that GTA V would have some PS4-only content, Koller refused to give details, merely confirming that “I don’t think we announced anything publicly on [the subject], but there will be".

That being said, Jonathan Koller is speaking from a marketing perspective as a Sony employee. Therefore, whilst it is undoubtedly true that there will be some PS4 bonuses, that doesn’t mean that patient PC owners won’t get a release boon too. Rockstar has already stated that the PC version of the game will feature an advanced video editor, so we’re not writing off exclusive content on other platforms just yet. Grand Theft Auto 5 is slated to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Autumn this year.

What do you think this "exclusive" PS4 content might entail? Do you think that other versions of the title might get some platform exclusive content too? Are you disappointed to think the PC version of GTA 5 might miss out on some of these features? Tell us what you think.